Legacy software for macOS

These applications may be downloaded, shared and used without cost.

Xphile IconXphile

A free, open source personal radiology teaching library system, featuring integration with OsiriX, Keynote and MIRC.

Bone Age

A free tool for radiologists, endocrinologists and orthopaedic surgeons. It helps in the assessment and monitoring of skeletal age using the standards of Greulich and Pyle (2nd ed. Stanford, CA, 1959).

CF Score

A free tool for radiologists and respiratory physicians. It assists in the scoring and monitoring of chest radiographs of patients with cystic fibrosis, using the Brasfield method.

Fetal Growth

A free tool for professionals involved in pregnancy assessment to monitor obstetric measurements over time.

Renal Growth

A free tool for radiologists, renal physicians and paediatric urologists. It assists in the calculation and monitoring of kidney growth.